Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Country House

The ride to my new home, as I write this now more familiar to me, is bumpy and dusty but otherwise uneventful beyond its newness. During my research of the accommodation with Koenig I have seen “The Country House" in photographs and a little snippet of video on YouTube and it doesn’t disappoint. As accommodation goes it’s probably 1-2 star, but by the standards I’m coming to expect it’s probably 3 however by the surroundings I’d say 4. Certainly in comparison to what I’m hearing from other people who are staying in some of “the hotels” in Dehradun and are getting maybe 2-4hrs sleep a night due to the noise, I’m very happy I did my research and chose the Country House. The student apartments in Dehradun seem actually very good and quiet and are near the training centre in a walled estate which wouldn’t look out of place in say Spain but the immediate view of forest & hills and the sound of chirping insects and birds is… calming. Shame about the white plastic bag of shit hanging in the tree just down from my door, but then you can’t expect everything eh!

I have mixed feelings about the time I lost after arriving at TCH as following supper I got to bed, then up for breakfast at 7:30, then back to bed again to finally catch up on lost sleep due to both travelling through time and distance on top of having just moved house whilst getting prepared to come out here – true I certainly am not the only one to have put in loads of effort in moving, but it still exhausted me. So I awoke in the becoming late afternoon, started to take a little video and then pretty much started losing light. But at least that sleep and the earlyish night again got me pretty much back on track.

This was the view from the terrace on top of the rooms.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed review on Koenig accommodation. I am also planning to do my VMware training and possibly MCSE training with Koenig Solutions in Dehradun and sign up for the Koenig Country House.